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The creation and execution of Wills has become a focus during the Covid-19 pandemic due the requirement that the testator and two witnesses be in the presence of one another at the time of signing.   In response to the difficulties with maintaining social distancing and continuing to execute Wills and Power of Attorneys, Ontario has announced emergency measures that will allow the virtual execution of wills and power of attorneys.  

“In the presence” now allows for witnessing to be completed through audio-visual communication technology provided that at least one person who is providing services as a witness is a licensee within the meaning of the Law Society Act at the time of making, acknowledgement or subscribing for wills or execution for power of attorneys.   This is permitted through any form of technology where the parties are able to see, hear and communicate with each other in real time.   These changes will allow our team at Pavey Law LLP to continue to service our clients in the completion of Wills and Power of Attorneys during these uncertain times while also increasing our ability to keep staff and clients safe. 

If you are interested in having a Will and/or Power of Attorney completed through our social distancing measures or virtual witnessing, please contact us at 519-621-7260.

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